US May Supplies Arms To Ukraine

The American may supply weapons to the Ukraine Army. Barack Obama has said the US are studying the options of supplying lethal defensive arms to Ukraine if the Diplomacy Fails to end the crisis in the East Of The Country.

Well America is about to escalate the crisis in Ukraine. Well this is a really, really good idea isn’t it.

The thing is that I don’t think they are going to find a solution to this conflict because everybody seems to be entrenched in their own views and opinions that nothing is going to happen because they won’t budge on their views and opinion.

So what’s America going to do?

They are going to arm the Ukraine Army with weapons. They’re going to supply an army with more weapons. All this is going to do is destabilize the region even more. They’re going to piss off the Russians and they finally get their proxy war that they’ve wanted for years.

I thought that there was a treaty that stopped America from interfering directly with Ukraine. No matter what America says about Russia this is direct involvement.

Bloody ridiculous.

The Americans are now considering supplying weapons to Ukraine. Well I hope that the American Government realize that they are going to destabilize the country even more.


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