US Welcome Minsk Peace Plan

America has welcomes the Ukraine Peace Treaty. The Americas have welcomes the peace plan that was agreed on in Minsk that is aimed at Russia stopping their support of the Ukraine separatists.

Well, well, well. How come I’m not surprised by the one of the aims of the Ukraine Cease fire? Russia has to stop supporting the Separatists. What’s next on the list, Ukraine will join the European Union?

This is what the Europeans have wanted all along. They’ve wanted to have another country in the European Union and if it was on Russia’s door step then even better.

This really has been a move to anger the Russians. If I was the Russian I would not take this lying down. I would be fighting my corner on this because this was predictable.

But at least there is peace in the East of Ukraine. That what Europe has wanted since this started. This has been a pointless war that could of been stopped by both sides not interfering in Ukraine state of affairs.

No wonder America is happy they’ve got what they wanted and a proxy war has been prevented. You have to remember that the Americans were going to supply the weapons to the Ukraine Army a few days ago.

So the major players in the Ukraine Peace Process have come to an agreement. Funny it seems like the Europeans are getting their own way again and Russia has been told to but out.


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