Binge Drinking Continues To Drop In Britain

Binge drinking among young adults has fallen. The Office of National Statistics has said that the amount of young people Binge drinking has fallen down to 18% at the end of 2013.

So yay!!! I think

I can see the positives of people not binge drinking. Yes it’s a good thing but from my experience, I don’t think it’s that true. If it is true then that 18% of people must be drinking a lot more hardcore.

This can’t be good for the Alcohol Industry. They must be loosing money like something shocking. I’m sorry but we need the booze to pay taxes like we need the Cigarette business. We loose these industries to fund the tax systems.

How do they judge this. Went out and asked people? Well they can lie and let’s face I think a lot of people have lied bout this not to look bad. This is a flawed system and they need to find a better system to judge this on.

Also people not drinking ans spending times on Computers and what they do these days. It makes them very boring people.

New statistics has shown that young adults are no longer binge drinking. Well I don’t believe these statistics because they don’t seem right.


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