Copenhagen Gunman Has Violent Past

The man responsible for the Copenhagen shooting yesterday had a violent past. Danish Police have said that the man who opened fire on a freedom of speech conference yesterday was known to the authorities because he had a history of violence.

Firstly they have killed said Gunman last night. It looks like said man was killed outside a Synagogue. The Authorities think that the Gunman think he was trying to recreate the Charlie Hebdo killings in a kind of Fashion.

The Danish Police have yet to name the Gunman but people are saying that this person is a Muslim. It’s a massive shame because this is going to push Islam more in to the edges of Society.

So this person has been known to the Police because of his past. It’s worrying that they didn’t keep a close enough eye on this person. It seems like this is happening across Europe all the time now. They know these people but they do not act on them and then somebody dies.

Are people trying to play in to the right winger’s hands.

Let’s see this and Charlie Hebdo being blamed on Facebook and Twitter now.

The man who opened fire on the Freedom of Speech Conference in Copenhagen was known to the Danish Authorities. It shocking how slow these people in power react to these dangerous people.


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