Putin ‘Predicted Debaltseve Fighting

Putin predicted the continuing fighting in Eastern Ukraine. The Russian President has said that he predicted the fighting to continue in Ukraine despite the signing of the cease fire last week.

Does anybody actually think that the fighting was going to stop in Ukraine because some major European Powers signed a peace of paper? Well me neither.

Just because some major powers have decided to have peace in the region it doesn’t mean that the fighting is going to stop. This is a nation that is divided. There are two powers that look to different powers for guidance.

What did they expect? Peace straight away.

Yes there is a cease fire but hell there is still fighting?

So Putin predicted this fighting to continue?

Well no shit Sherlock, I predicted this, it was obviously going to happen. The Ukraine Government wants the East to rejoin the Country and become a part of the European Union and the Rebels are looking to join the Russians.

They aren’t the best of friends are they?

Putin has said that he predicted the fighting to continue in Ukraine. Well I don’t want to be rather sarcastic about this well I sure wasn’t surprised that the fighting continued.


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