Three School Girls Travelling To Syria

Three girls are going to Syria. Three school girls from East London have flown out to Turkey and there is a fear that they may cross the border to Syria and join Islamic State.

Another set of people, another story about people going off to Syria.

There are people out there who are going around acting shocked and horrified that another set group of young people going over to Syria. Well I’m not, we’ve seen these stories over and over again. I don’t know if I’m getting used to this or I’m becoming Numb to these stories but I really am not shocked.

The thing that does shock me is the amount of people over there that are fighting for Islamic State. All we seem to hear about is people going over to Syria or people creating home grown terror.

It’s sounds Cliched but there must be something we can do in this respect.

This is what does shock me…

A group of school girls can get on a plane and fly off to Turkey. Why didn’t these girls get turned away at the Airport. They were minors and I don’t want to sound old but they shouldn’t be allowed on a plane with out an adult.

They are kids after all, they should have been turned around and sent home.

Three girls are feared to have gone to Syria to fight for Islamic State. I’m not shocked by this story, I’m more shocked by the fact that the airline let them fly to Turkey by themselves.


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