Syria Girl’s Families Can Not Stop Crying

The families of three girls who have gone to Syria can not stop crying. The relatives of three girls have said that they could not stop crying and there were no signs they were planning on going to Syria. The comments come about in an emotional interview to the BBC.

There’s nothing like a Public Broadcaster jumping on the emotional elements of a news story to get a few more view and clicks of their shows and their website.

You know what this was another plea from the families of the girls so the BBC are basically running the same story twice, so it must be a slow news day.

As much as I feel sorry for this family I don’t think this is going to work. This is not going to bring the girls home. I know it must be awful to think and know that your children are going to fight a war in the Middle East and become Terrorists but I don’t think this will do anything.

I don’t want to sound harsh on the subject but I don’t think crying is going to make them come back. Yes it’s great for people to see your emotion but these girls have made their minds up and have gone off to Syria.

I think it’s time to pray that they will come back safely and the law is lenient on them because they’re still under 16 if they come back when they’re under 16.

The families of the School Girls have given an emotional interview where they said they have been crying all the time. I don’t want to sound harsh on the subject but I don’t think it will help much and the BBC shouldn’t be playing on these parent’s emotions.


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