Jihadi John Named

The man dubbed ‘Jihadi John’ has been named. The man who has appeared on Islamic State videos who has been dubbed ‘Jihadi John’ has been named as Mohammed Emwazi from East London.

For some strange reason I get this feeling that they are going to say this guy is from Bethenal Green. Something it’s going to happen soon.

I wonder what we are meant to feel or what is meant to happen now they’ve released his name. Me myself I don’t feel safer or more in danger from this naming. In fact I feel nothing more or nothing less now I know his name.

I don’t get the point of releasing this persons name. Yes we know who it is but at the end of the day what has it done. Well nothing all we’ve got is a name to a face. It’s going to do nothing for us ever.


Now we know who he is he will never be able to return to the country but we’ve had people go over there, come back and got stopped at the borders of the country.

Again this solves nothing what so ever.

The authorities have released the name of the Islamic State Militant dubbed Jihadi John. We’ll thank you but this really doesn’t not serve a purpose.


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