Tributes Paid To Russian Opposition Leader

Tributes have been payed to the leader of the Russian Opposition. Thousands of people have paid tributes and laid flowers in memory of Boris Nemtsov who was shot dead.

There’s a death of a leading Political figure in Russia who is opposed to Putin and the Western Powers are quiet on this one interesting. Let’s face it every time Putin has sneezed in the last year the Western Powers have used it as an excuse to condemn it as an attack on Western interests.


By now hopefully you will have realized that I take the the Western Narrative of Putin with a pinch of Salt. They want him out of power and they’re trying to destabilize the country. Could I see the west doing this actually yes they payed for a revolution in Ukraine. I can see them killing a Political head in Russia to get their own way.

It seems to have brought people together they are laying Flowers for him. However if it this murder was to bump off a political leader by Putin then I don’t think it’s going to back fire. If it was done to make people hate Putin then it will back fire on the West.

What this will do will bring the people together for a few days in mourning and then they will move on with their lives. This is all about the shock of it all.

They are shocked nothing more, nothing else.

Thousands of people have paid tribute to the murdered opposition leader in Russia. Who ever arranged this will not have done anything politically except for kill a man.


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