UK Holds Service To Honour Afghan War Effort

A service has been held to comemorate the Afghan War was held today.  A service that honours the effort of British troops in Afghanistan was attended by members of the Royal Family and veterans of operations in the Middle Eastern Country.

I really do wonder what the point of this service was. The whole war in Afghanistan has been a toldmess that in hindsight we should never have gone in to.

So what needs to be honoured?

Are we going to honour the fact that we have unstabalised a country with a president who will who is loosing grip on power? Or the fact we lost over 400 troops in a pointless war to find a man who wasnt even know in the country but in Pakistan?

Seriously what are we honouring?

This has been the biggest fuck up in the 21st century version of the Vietnam War and at the end of the day the Taliban will end up taking the country over again.

I love how the Royal Family attended. That must have been a pi!ck me up for all the injured ex service men that were there. However the poor men were fighting for Queen and Country so its only right the Queen turns up and tries to look interested. If she does look interested she will have done better than her display in the Olympics.

Today has seen a service to honour the efforts of Afghanistan. To be honest I don’t know honouring a mess up of a conflict.


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