Metropolitan Police To Be Investigated For Corruption

The Metropolitan Police will be investigated for Corruption.  A Police Watchdog will investigation in to corruption at the Metropolitan Police including claims of a ring of MPs and high ranking officials who were involved in a child abuse ring.

Why oh why has this taken so long to be investigated?

The claims of this child sex abuse ring came out months ago. You would think that they would have jumped on this sooner.  People are going to say that the authority figures re going too long a d trying to cover up the cover up.

I can see it coming.

I’m not saying that this ring is real but at the end of the day the Police wouldn’t be investigating itself if there was no truth to the claims. So it makes you think why was this going on and why did the Police cover it up? Also how far does this go up and was the Office of the Prime Minister involved.

After the last few years do the Police need this? No they don’t the last thing thy need is more bad publicity. There is the Hillsbourgh cover up and the Mark Duggan problem as well. If this is all true then I wouldn’t be suprised if people start to loose confidence in the Police.

the Metropolitan Police are being investigated for coruption. Well this will be the worst thing for the authorities as people will loose confidence in them


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