Duckenfield Admits To Hillsbourgh Deaths

The head of the Police present at the Hillsborough Disaster has admired causing 96 deaths. David Duckenfield who was in charge of operations during the Hillsbourgh Disaster has admitted that his failures on the day had caused the deaths of 96 people 26 years ago.

There are a few stories that seem to go on forever and ever and I’m sorry to Liverpool fans and the Hillsbourgh families but this is one of those stories.

Duckenfield has taken responsibility for this so according to him this is all his fault. The buck stops with him and it can go no further in my eyes. Granted there will be somebody who will want to take it higher and further up.

I’m not joking I can see people who will want to blame the Conservative Government of the time.

I hoping that with this revelation we can put this to bed and move on.

We’ve had to enough of these enquiries and it feels like we’ve had 100 of them. Granted they revealed the corruption and Cover Up  that took place. So yeah they’ve revealed some stuff but we didn’t need the 100 enquires please that have taken place.

Like I said it has been going on for too long and people won’t be happy until senior heads are rolling.

David Duckenfield has admitted to causing the Hillsborough Disaster let’s hope that we can put this whole Hillsbourgh episode can now be put to bed.


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