Museum Attack Victim Named

The British woman shot dead in the attack in Tunis has been named. A British who was among 23 killed who were killed in a shooting in a Museum in Tunis has been named as 57 year old Sally Adey.

After there has been so much naming when it comes to Terrorism, the perpetrators and the victims. It’s sad to say that I’m starting to feel numb towards all this.

I now I realize I’m using the word numb a lot. This has to be a giant problem. There seems to be so many problems and so much violence that this has become a normal thing now. This is a problem with modern society.

This poor woman died in another Terrorist Attack by Islamic State.

I get that people die in Terrorist attacks but there seems to be a lot of people dying and there seems to be a lot of Terrorist Attacks. You got to confess when it comes to Terrorist they are very active in the field of Terrorism.

They do seem to be in the new almost every week, they are active compared to Al Qaeda.

Then there is another attack by Islamic State on another Historical interest. Fist they attack ancient cities and now they are killing people in Museums. Through out the world we are going to need to security services around these places.

I know this sounds Cliche but they need to respect history, granted it sounds hollow and it will land on dear ears but I had to say it.

The British Woman who was killed in a Terrorist Attack in Tunis has been named. Sadly it could be time to start postings security services outside important historical sites and museums.


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