TV Broadcasters Agree Format For TV Debates

The TV Broadcasters have announced that they have come to an agreement nregarding the TV Debates. TV Broadcasters and the Political Parties have come to an agreements regarding the debates between the Political Party leaders during the run up to the General Election.

Finally there is a consenses regarding the TV debates and with only a month or so it’s about bloody time. This really has been drawn out.

So what do we have then…

A 7 way debate including the Prime Minister

An opposition leaders debate

Then Milliband and Cameron will have a Q and A.

Well after all the who ha that’s been involved in this and this what we get. Why can’t we have what we had last time. It will in hindsight be a lot better for the country.

The one I have a real problem with is the opposition leaders debate…

I really can’t see why we need to see the opposition leaders trying to slog it out with each other especially as Farage will make mince meat out of the smaller parties. To be honest I really can not be fussed to hear what the Plaids and the SNP have to say along with the Greens.

Its not that they don’t have important things to say its just that it won’t have any effect on me if I’m bbeing brutally honest.

The Broadcasters have finally reached an agreement over the TV debates. Well after the fracas that has been caused over this is the format we’ve got is a bit disappointing


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