Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Denies Organising A Fake Rally

A Conservative Parliamentary Candidate has denied organising a fake rally. Conservative Candidate  Afzal Amin has denied organising a fake rally with the EDL in order to win votes with in the up coming election.

And the award for the stupid person trying to get in to Parliament is going to Afzal Amin. Actually he must be the stupid person in Politics I’ve known.

The idea of a Muslim going to a group of far right racist to get votes seems to be a bit far fetched. You would think that this wouldn’t win right wing votes in fact it would get people to vote for left wing parties.

No matter how much Amin attacked this protest it wouldn’t get people to vote for him because everybody else would by attacking said protest and people who still vote for a left wing party. Its a loose, loose situation for this guy.  Why bother doing it.

Then he goes on and denies it… Why?

There is proof of it. The Daily Mail has got footage of you doing it and the EDL say that you have Paid them for this protest. Even Tommy Robinson was on TV talking about it. Deny it all you want but there is proof there  so don’t try and deny it just admit it and take the blame and punishment for what you did.

A Tory Candidate denies  contacting the EDL to organise a fake rally too gain voted. Wwl I do believe that this was a very stupid thing to do and won’t actually win him votes and the Conservatives should ban him from the party.


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