Cameron Won’t Stand For Third Term As Prime Minister

Cameron won’t serve a third term as Prime Minister. David Cameron has said that he won’t serve a tied term as Prime Minister if he is reelected in the up coming General Election in an interview with James Lansdale.

Well I’ve got to say well done to David Cameron for laying iit out straight before he goes in to a possible second term as Prime Minister. There won’t be any will he won’t he malarky in 5 years time.

Granted there will be people within the opposition ranks who will blow this up claiming that this is going to impede the Conservatives if they get in to power but the fact they’ve got 5 years to find a new leader and lets face it you don’t really vote for person you vote for the party.

So you know I’m going to give you my choice for the next Conservative leader and my choice would be Boris Johnson.

Let’s face it he is the most likable person within the big names of the party. He seems relatable and the people of Lindon seem to love him. I do think if he runs for Prime Minister he would win hands down.

Grant I just said it’s about the party not the personality but let’s face it he has the personality.

David Cameron has said that he is no t going to stand for a third term as Prime Minister. Well at least he’s laid his cards on the table and we know the future of the Conservative Party in advance and won’t have to wait till the day after the 2020 election.


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