German Passenger Plane Crashes Killing 150 People

A German Plane has crashed in the French Alpes killing 150 people. A German Passenger Jet travelling between Baracalona and Dusseldorf has crashed in the French Alpes killing all 150 passengers and crew.

This really has to be a territories ble 12 months for Air Travel. This has been the 4 disaster that has taken place since the beginning of last year and they still haven’t found the plane that went missing.

I know that flying is the safest way to travel but at the end of the day this has been four disasters in 12 to 13 months and I know that this is a rare occourance but there has to be something happening. Yes I’m stretching in to the world of conspiracy theories.

However let’s not detract from the loss of lives.

Its something that the families of the lost ones won’t get back. They will have to live with the idea that they’re family members have died in a horrific crash and that really isn’t something you want to think about. Ever

It looks like the plane has come down thanks to technical difficulties. This the same thing that brought down the Air Asia plane just before Christmas so you have to start wondering what is wrong with this type of plane. You’ve then got to hope that they’ll group all of this type and do some kind test on them.

It really does look like they’re is a fault with this plane that needs to be looked at.

A German Passenger Plane has crashed in the Alpes. Let’s hope that they find the cause of this horrible disaster and put it right on other planes before its too late.


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