Three Brits Died In South France Plane Crash

three British people have died in the German Passenger Plane Crash. The Foreign Office has today said that at least three British people have been killed in the Plane Crash over the Alps in Southern France that killed 150 people.

So sadly it sounds like that nobody has survived this crash and now the power in charge of  investigation have to identify the bodies and find out what happened to the plane. I really don’t want to be that person.

There worst thing about this story is that a lot of people have lost their lives. Were going to get the names of the people who lost their lives over time. Granted many people won’t hear all 150 names but if you look for them you’ll find them on the Internet. There we see the problem with Passenger lists they’ll make their way on to the internet.

So with this all in mind we get to hear that three British People have died.

Nobody wants to hear that in any country.  This has to hit a country a little bit but will hit towns and individual communities hard. They’ll know that their friends have died and they will never see them again.

This is not the news that people want to hear.

Three people who have died are British. This is not the news that people in the country wanted to hear.


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