Victim’s Father Pleas For Airlines To Look After Pilots

The father of one of the victims of the South France Plane Crash has pleaded with the Airlines to look after their pilots. The father of a one of the Brits who died in the South Of France Plane Crash has urged world Airlines to look after their Pilots after it was discovered the Co-Pilot who crashed the plane was suffering from a Mental Illness

Every Plane crash the story has usually been the victims or the problems with the plane. This is a completely different kettle of fish. This is always going to be about this Pilot and the Mental Illness he was suffering from.

This is the problem with the whole story. This person was mentally ill and he wasn’t looked after properly and he was able to slip the net and he was able to kill 150 people.


Even though he has said the right thing I wonder if he only said what he said because his son died in the plane crash. If his son wasn’t on that plane would he have given a crap. I don’t think so. It’s easy to care about something when it actually has effected you instead of effecting some random person you’ve never met.

He said the right thing but I am just concerned about why it came about.

The father of a victim from the Germanwings plane crash in the South Of France has called for Pilots of Airlines to be looked after better. Despite the message being important I wonder where it actually comes from.


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