Thousands March In Anti-Terror March

Thousands of Tunisians marched today. Thousands marched in an ant-terror march to the museum in Tunis where 21 tourists and Tunisians were shot dead by Terrorists.

Well there’s one thing you  can say about the Tunisians when they do something as a country the whole country does it. It’s an idea to be hold.

I don’t think I’ve seen an anti terrorism march. There was that rally in Paris against terrorism but I think that it was more a stand side by side with the people of Charlie Hebdo. That was more about freedom and of speech not against terrorism.

The question that must be asked is will it have any effect.

Sadly the answer is no. We can march and protest all we want but at the end of the it’s not going to stop them. They are going to carry on because they feel that they are right in this subject. The world can throw bombs at them and we can show our disgust for them but they will carry on.

To be honest I think the way we carry on the more we encourage them to carry on. Maybe we should just ignore them.

At least there heart is in the right place in Tunisia.

Thousands marched in an anti-terror protest in Tunisia. There heart maybe in the right place but I don’t think it will do anything in the long run


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