Leaders Clash In TV Debate

The leaders of the seven main political parties have clashed in TV debates.Leaders of the seven big political parties came head to head over a range of issues in a 7 party political debate shown on ITV.

So this is number two on the so called Political debate sessions and it was everybody who is in a big party. What can I say about it. Well it was boring?

I’m not going to say that they had too many people but they had too many boring people and it didn’t go down well with me anyways. There will be people out there who thought it was intresting but not me.

So who won it?

The Scottish National Party who bossed the main Westminster Parties like they did all over the Independence Referendum. Let’s face it the Scots only stayed in Britain because they were offered Deve Max.

Who Lost?

Well the Welsh were terrible. I actually feel sorry for the Welsh if they have Leanne Wood is the one looking out for your intentions. I’d have more faith in Labour.

The fact they made a massive fracas over this over the last few weeks about these debate cos this wasn’t worth it. They could have done a four way and done it better than this free for all.

The leaders of the pain parties clashed in the leaders debate. Well it was pretty dull and they should have been a four way. However well done to Sturgeon who did the best.


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