Blair says Referendum Would Put Economy InTo Chaos.

Tony Blair believes that a European Referendum would be bad for the economy. The former Labour Prime Minister has given a speech where he told the audience that the referendum on Britain’s place in Europe would cause  economic chaos.

There should be a better headline for this story. Blair opens mouth and Labour looses more votes. Let’s face there can’t be many people left who like that vile man, you’ve got to remember that some people believe the man is a war criminal. If there are two people you don’t want fighting your side it’s Blair and Brown.

Blair on Europe… Let’s face it this going to be a one sided conversion.

Blair was going to sell Britain down the road to the European Single Currency and we know how that turned around and he does want to be a big wig wit in the a European Happy Friends club. I do believe he’d say anything to keep us in the EU.

So a referendum would be a disaster.

Well I say no. Why don’t you give us a chance to vote on a membership of the European Union. There is a whole Generation having to live in this system with out a . I think that a referendum will not only benefit the country but it will engage the kids in politics and leaving Europe will be great for our Economy because we won’t have to be forced to trade with Europe with them as our exclusive partners.

Tony Blair has said the a referendum on Europe wit be chaos for the Economy. Well I think Blair should shut up and stop  scare mongering. W


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