Conservatives Pledge ToBuild Four New Nuclear Submarines

The Conservatives want more nuclear submarine. The Conservative Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has said that the Conservative manifesto will pledge to build four more nuclear submarines.

This can only be described as a very funny manifesto policy. A year or so a go we couldn’t afford to keep the army and the level it was at but now we can build four nuclear submarines and let’s not forget that Trident costs £33 billion to run a year.

I really don’t see how that adds up in the long run or the short run.

I wonder how the SNP are going to benefit from this in Scotland.

We know that the SNP really don’t like Trident and I get the feeling tat many Scottish people don’t like the idea of Trident. So I can imagine that if the Conservatives go through with this and the SNP are strong then there could be some votes going to the SNP in the future.

I don’t know if this pledge will have a massive impact on the up coming General Election but it might swing some people towards the SNP and The Greens as well.

The Conservatives want to build fourt Nuclear Submarines. Well  I don’t like the idea and at the end of the day its a vote winner for the SNP in Scotland


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