Labour Policies Require No Further Borrowing

The Labour Party will not borrow any additional Money. The Labour Party is set to Guarantee that each one of the their party Manifesto Pledges will be fully funded and will no require ‘Additional Borrowing’.

May I take this opportunity to say this…. You Ed Milliband, Sir are a Liar.

Let’s just remember who was in the treasury when Labour were borrowing money and created the Policies that caused the Country to go bust. Oh yes I was Ed Milliband and Ed Balls.

Funny enough I dont believe them when it comes to the Economy and I bet a lot of people will sit back and say you are a Liar Sir.

How do they expect to get all this money that they need?

Well it’s their Magic Mansion Tax. Yes they are going to get money by Taxing people who have big homes. Let’s see I think I covered this yesterday….

Is this their Class War showing it’s ugly head again. Let’s create a pointless Policy that sounds good but only serves to hit people who have homes in Conservative areas.


The Labour Party have said that their Policies require no further borrowing. Well I’d like to see them earn Billions of pounds with their Mansion Taxes and other stupid Taxes.


One thought on “Labour Policies Require No Further Borrowing

  1. There must be some thinking behind his claim, unless he’s planning to get in power and then claim being misquoted… The deficit was at about £100bn last time I checked. Where are these millions of mansions?

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