Jobless Figures Dominate Election Campaign

David Cameron has hailed the Jobless Figures. David Cameron has hailed the Jobless figures as new the new figures show a 7 year low and have been the best figures since the start of the recession.

Over the last few month to a year we have seen what can been described as good new when it comes to employment and financial figures.

The best thing is that it comes about just before the General Election so this can only be good news for the Conservatives. It’s been that old adage that things had got worst before it got better.

This has to be another reason to vote for the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats.

Hopefully this will be a vote winner and people don’t lurch to the left because I think it will be a disaster. I don’t want the Mansion Tax money tree because it won’t provide money.

It’s just a class war and you’ve got to remember there was a massive load of unemployment when Labour was in power and it would probably have gone up massively if they had another five years in power.

The Conservatives have hailed the new unemployment figures as they reached an seven year low. It’s great to see these figures are going down.


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