Detail Emerge Of Deadly Capsize

800 Migrants died on the ship that capsized on Sunday. Details have merged about the boat that Capsized in the Mediterranean on Sunday that killed more than 800 people.

800 people have been killed trying to find a better life in Europe. You wonder if all those people even thought they were going to die as they boarded that boat or did it even cross there mind.

So they’re are 800 people dead… what now?

Well the Captain of the boat is facing multiple charges of Homicide. It looks like he purposely crashed the ship. Why did he do that did he want a mass murder on his hands.

Please don’t say this is going to be a repeat of the South France Plane Disaster. I don’t think the world can do with another homicidal pilot/sailor.

Now we’ve got to think the people who survived.

What are going to do with them? They’ve survived a boat crash and they have family member who died. The world is going to be happy if just send them back to Africa to suffer and try and return to Italy.

The world will go ape shit and turn on the Italians.

800 people have being killed in the boat that capsized on Sunday. Now the Italians are going to have to decide what to do with the survivors and not look awful on the world stage.


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