Italy Declares War On Human Traffickers

Italy has declared war with Migrant Traffickers. The Italian Government has said that they are at war with Migrant Traffickers and have urged the European Union to take more robust action to prevent people dying in the Mediterranean.

Another Country is at war. There seems to be people declaring war all of a sudden like it’s a fashion. The thing is they are declaring war on things I don’t you can declare war on.

The thing is that it’s become a cliche.

So what has the Italians declared war on?

Human Traffickers.

I can’t see how they are going to win this war. Granted they aren’t fighting an idea but they are fighting a network. These people are going find new ways of getting people in to Europe.

This is a war that the Italians are going to have to fight really hard to win.

Again they’ve called on the European Union to help in this fight. Well again I believe that these cries are falling on deaf ears. I don’t think the European Union is going to step in and help them. I think they’re going to let the Italians squirm with their problems.

The Italians have declared war on the Human Traffickers. It’s going to be a war that the Italians will have to fight very very hard to win.


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