Cameron Partially To Blame For Migrant Crisis In Mediterranean

David Cameron has been blamed for the disaster that took place in the Mediterranean earlier this Week. The Labour leader Ed Milliband has said the David Cameron is partially to blame for the disaster that took place in the Mediterranean by taking part in the Libya War back in 2011.

I don’t think I’ve ever sat back behind this computer and felt repulsed by what a political leader has said.

This campaign has been a dirty one. We’ve all sat back and laughed at the Bitching and back biting that has gone on for the last few weeks. To turn around and blame the Prime Minister for the death of hundreds of people seriously goes beyond the pale even for this campaign.

I hope that Milliband realizes that Cameron took us in to Libya for the good of it’s people not just because he wanted Oil like Blair did with Iraq. Granted things haven’t worked out too well but it was done for the greater good.

Would Milliband have let a Dictator kill all his people who were protesting for freedom. Granted Milliband also stopped us from going in to Syria after the chemical attacks on Playgrounds so yeah I think he would let a dictator kill his people.

This really is gutter politics though. When the Mail attacked Milliband for his father’s political connections I actually felt sorry for him and defended him. Well that’s gone because he’s just done the same as the Mail. So sorry my sympathy has gone for Milliband.

Milliband has placed the blame for the Mediterranean Disaster at Cameron’s feet. Well I hope that people will see through this horrible little attack and he looses some votes in a few days time.


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