Death Toll Hits 1000 In Nepal Earthquake

A thousand people have died in an Earthquake in Nepal. 100 people have died in the deadliest Earthquake in 80 years in Nepal, local Police say.

Well if this week is a week to put the General Election in to prospectus this has been it. Firstly there was the death of those migrants in the Mediterranean and now there is this Earthquake. A lot of sad loss of lives in 7 days.

I know that it is stating the obvious 1000 people is a lot of people to loose their lives in any disaster but some how it is more shocking when it’s in a country like Nepal then if it was an Earthquake in say California.

Somehow it feels more real and less like a Hollywood Movie.

obviously the world has banded together to help those who are in need. It’s a great thing to see and it feels kind of special. In a 12 months where we’ve been killing each other and it feels like we’ve been lurching from world disaster to world disaster it’s great to see the world coming together again to help people who are in need.

1000 people have been killed in an Earthquake in Nepal. It’s a massive tragidy but let’s hope the world will pull together and help the people of Nepal Out.


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