Nine Out Of Ten Nepalese Soldiers Involved In Rescue Effort

Nine out for ten of Nepal’s soldiers are involved in the rescue effort after the Earthquake. Nepal’s Government has said that nine out of ten of their soldiers are involved in search and rescue operations as it pleads for more international aid to help deal with Earthquake that killed 4000 people.

I think I said this the other day this story first broke. Things are going to get a lot worse before it gets better and it really looks its going that way.

Firstly it’s great to see that the Government has put it’s army’s priorities to good use. When you have countries fighting wars against terrorist groups or dictator they don’t it’s great to see Nepal has put their army to work helping their people.

Not even the British Army did that during the floods last year.

The Nepal Government has asked for as much money as possible to deal with the disaster. I think if money isn’t thrown at this problem where 4000 people have died then it will look pretty crappy for the rest of the world if they don’t put the money in to this.

This is something we can’t ignore.

Then we go on the death toll. You can’t believe or imagine that this amount of people have died in an earthquake. You hear about Earthquakes but you don’t think that this amount of people would die in any disaster.

The Nepalese Government have said that nine out ten of their soldiers are helping the aid effort after the Earthquake but they still need the money to help them with their aid effort. Well, well done to their army for doing a lot of hard work that is needed. However we should help the Nepal people and dig deep with as much money as we can spare.


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