UN Launches Nepal Earthquake Appeal

The UN has launched the appeal to help Nepal. The United Nations has launched an appeal to raise £270 for those who were effected by the Earthquake in Nepal on Saturday.

It’s nearly been a week and now they’ve just started to launch an appeal to help the people of Nepal. I don’t want to sound skeptical or mean but my god that really is a long time if you’ve lost your world.

Sorry United Nations but you could have done this earlier in the week, you’ve could have called a meeting on Saturday night when this took place. Jesus you were all quick enough to point the finger at Russia within 24 hours after that plane went down last year.

Nepal needs this money and they need it now! Nepal’s Government have said they are overwhelmed with this disaster.

I feel like I have said this before but you would think that there are plans for this kind of thing. We know Earthquakes happen and they are happening more often. Why hasn’t there been a plan or something put in place to deal with this.

If there isn’t why don’t they just put one in place from now on.

The United Nations have launched their appeal for Nepal. Despite them doing something good you do wonder if it will get to the people in time before the worst happens.


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