Cameron To Make Britain Greater

The Conservatives will make Britain greater. David Cameron has promised that he will lead a Government for One Nation as make Britain greater as he returns back to Downing Street as Prime Minister.

So Britain voted and we voted for a majority Conservative Government. My Goodness the people on the left are not happy about it.

So the Conservatives have got a majority Government and good for them. I think there have been a lot of people who will look a Milliband and say we made the right choice voting in the Conservatives.

And If you are on the left. Cry me a river because you lost this election five years ago when Labour voted in Ed Milliband as leader. You’ve only got yourself to blame on this one. Nobody else.

So let’s go on to the pledges

Can he rule a country under the one nation banner. The majority of Scotland voted for the SNP so you expect the head of the SNP to try and get another Independence referendum. What Cameron has to do is try and Unify a Country that is deadly divided.

Can he make Britain Greater. Well that’s just a cliche isn’t and to be honest it really doesn’t have a meaning. How can you make Britain Greater. What does that actually mean?

Answers on a postcard

David Cameron has said he will make Britain a greater country as he re-enters Downing Street. To be honest I really don’t think he should be talking in meaningless Cliches.


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