Jim Murphy To Stand Down As Leader Of Scottish Labour

Jim Murphy is going to resign. The Scottish Labour Leader has announced that he will resign as the Leader of Scottish Labour next month.

Well it’s about bloody time isn’t it. A week after the Election where Labour was decimated by the SNP in Scotland he finally stand down.

There seems to be an intresting new trend with members of the Labour Party hanging on till it’s too late in certain jobs. Anybody remember South Yorkshire’s PCC hanging on after the Rotherham scandal??

That man should have fallen on his sword straight away and so should have Mr Murphy. The fact he didn’t go straight he lost his seat in the General Election was a shocker.

Actually the fact that he could still be leader after loosing his seat at Westminster is a bit of a surprise.

At least Ed Milliband did the honorable thing and stood down.

You know what else get my goat about this. The fact that he’s not standing down straight away. He’s going to resign next month. He should be standing down straight away.

Jim Murphy is going to stand down as the leader of Scottish Labour. Well I think it’s taken him too long to do it and he should go now and not wait a month.


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