Islamic State Seize Ramadi

Islamic state have taken Ramadi. Iraqi Officials have said that Islamic State have taken the city of Ramadi with Iraqi Government forces abandoning their positions.

The Islamic State machine keeps on rolling.

Let’s start with Islamic State have taken another city in Iraq. Well I’m not surprised because I don’t think you can really stop an ideological Army. I think these people are so determined that they will keep on going on and on to the end.

And when I say the end, I do mean Islamic State taking the whole of Iraq.

The worrying thing is that the Iraqi Army abandoned the city. You wonder if the Iraqi Army are ill disciplined or they were just shit scared. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lack of discipline because the Army don’t hold the Iraq Government in high regard.

Can the Iraqis win this war?

Well I’ve said this last year when Islamic State came to people’s attention and it would be hard for them to beat Islamic State. Like I said above that these people will fight will their death and I think it will be the down fall for Iraq.

Islamic State has taken over the city of Ramadi. Well it will be something I expect un til they get to and take over Baghdad.


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