Nurse Guilty Of Murder

A Nurse has been found guilty of murdering Patients. Victorino Chua a nurse at the Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport has been found guilty of murdering three of his patients.

So a murdering nurse… let to be honest I’m not surprised if I’m honest, the most prolific murder in Great Britain was a Doctor.

So this really does bring up two points for me…

1) Should there be psychological test for people who work in the NHS

2) Should we have more stringent checks on non-British trained NHS Staff.

So lets start with Testing people…

Well saying there has been two serial killer working in the NHS I want to say yes but logically you can’t test everybody who goes in to the NHS as it would cost so much but you would think they could do something a bit low key.

On to Checks…

Well if this guy can get in and now people are not sure if he has passed his qualification then I think there needs to be closer looks in to who the NHS and agencies are hiring from outside Britain.

I’m not saying that we should ban them from working. I’m saying that people need to have closer checks on employees.

So what now for the future.

Well you know I don’t like inquiries and I have slated the amount we’ve had in the past few years but there seriously needs to be one and they need to look at what went on and how they can stop it in the future.

A Nurse who used to work at Stepping Hill Hospital has been found guilty of murder. The NHS need to look in to what happened and how they can prevent this from happening again.


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