UK Inflation Turns Negative

The UK is in a state of Deflation. The main measure of UK inflation has turned negative from the first time on Record in April with the rate falling to -0.1%.

Oh not the economy, there’s not I don’t understand more when it comes to News and Politics than the Economy. Let’s face it, I’m no Economist.

Not we’ve got that out of the way.

The Economy is in Negative Inflation… This mean that the Economy is deflating. From what I’ve been told prices are going to start going down…

Now I’m going to start talking from the consumers point of view here but that has to be good for the Economy. People will be able to buy things cheaper. So that might help the Economy…MAYBE!!!

What caused this to happen?

Well the main reason is Oil has gone down. Yes our Deflation has been caused by the Americans and the Saudis ‘discovering’ more oil or something or as it should be known. That plot to destabilize Russia because they think it will turn people against Putin and force him out.

Yes I believe the main cause of this deflation is a plan to get rid of the nasty Putin man.

The UK economy in now in a state of negative inflation. Let’s see how this one effects the economy and who the blame will be farmed off on.


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