Ireland Votes For Gay Marriage

Ireland has voted to legalize Gay Marriage. Ireland has become the first Country to legalize Gay Marriage through a National Referendum.

Well in a world of sad news and terrible events it’s great to see this happening. Congratulations to Ireland for voting this through.

I think this is great news especially from a country that is religious and has had a tricky past. They really are taking steps where other countries need to follow.

The best thing is that this is common sense against religious bigotry. Common Sense has won over stupid religious ideas.

It’s great to see that they threw this to the people on Ireland. It’s what the people wanted and said that they wanted but I think they should just passed it through Parliament and told the people to suck it up if they didn’t like it.

That’s what the British Parliament did and it was the right thing to do because this is about equal rights not what people believe because they are Homophobic or religious which would make the person Homophobic anyway.

Ireland has voted in favor of Gay Marriage by a referendum. It great to see Ireland’s population has made a great move to total equality.


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