Murder Suspect Found Dead In Woods

The man suspected of a triple homicide has been found dead. The man who is suspected of murdering three members of his family has been found dead in a woodland area of Oxford.

Well that was a short police hunt that ended up with in ultimate anti-climax.

I think I said this yesterday and if I didn’t say it, I deferentially inferred it, I can’t really form an opinion on this subject and I can’t form an opinion on the fact he’s been found dead.

He’s been found dead in Woodlands. I’m guessing he’s gone out there and killed himself or he’s been killed and dumped there. We’re going to need a police investigation.

What ever has happened the Police are going to have to look in to the events that have lead him to be dead in the woods. There’s we go with the nub of the issue.

We need to look in to what happened and that’s with a Police Investigation.

Well it give Thames Valley Police some extra time in the new.

The suspect of a triple Homicide has been found dead in the woods outside Oxford. Well the story continues as we find out what happens to him.


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