Islamic State Filmed Torturing Boy

There is a video that shows Islamic State torturing a child. The BBC have acquired a video of two men from Islamic State torturing a teenage boy in Syria.

I’m sorry to sound harsh on the subject but this is another non story from the BBC. Two in two days.

OK let me get this straight I am not down playing the crime of torture. No person should be tortured at any time in their lives but I really don’t think this is a top story that is happening in the world.

Are we not expecting this to happen or are we just revolted by this? I think this is the question we need to ask ourselves and I think we’re disgusted by this and this is why it’s a top story.


We should have expected this if we are being honest. Let’s face this is a group of people who have crossed the Syrian and Iraqi desert beheading people who don’t convert to their vision of Islam.

So should we expect them not to torture people especially kids?

No I would actually expect this from Islamic State. I think it’s something that they would do.

How has the BBC got their hands on this footage. This has been smuggled out of Islamic State controlled Syria and ended up in the hands of the BBC.

You wonder how it has happened?

The BBC have gained video phone footage of a boy being tortured by Islamic State. Well this footage doesn’t surprise me it the slightest but I would like to know how the BBC got their hands on this footage.


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