Blatter Under Investigation By US

Sepp Blatter is under investigation by the Americans. The FIFA President is under investigation by American Officials as part of their inquiry in to the corruption at Football Governing Body according to Media outlets.

This really feel like this is part two of the story today so I’ll cover both.

Blatter resigned earlier today and many people have said that it was because the investigation was getting close to him. He jumped before the Authorities can get him.

Well it looks like this is true.

Blatter is being investigated by the FBI in this whole string of corruption. After his right hand man was implicated this morning it wasn’t a giant leap to for him to be a part of this whole thing. Well the fact is we knew it and we’ve been proven now.

Let’s take this to the Natural Conclusion and Blatter is arrested. This won’t leave FIFA in tatter in fact it will be a fresh breath of air for FIFA. In fact this whole Episode has shaken FIFA to the core and left it in tatters.

At this point in time FIFA is at it’s lowest depth, it can’t get any lower.

So if anybody has been murmuring under there breaths about me being harsh, I would like to say no I wasn’t and I’ve just be proven right about this in the last few hours.

I would also like to take this chance to appeal to Blatters daughter to take back the Conspiracy Theory she spouted to the BBC on Sunday as her father is corrupt.

According to Media Outlets Sepp Blatter is under investigation by American Officials as part the FIFA corruption scandal. Well when the find him guilty I really do hope they throw away the key.


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