Cameron Has Been Misinterpreted Over Referendum Comment

David Cameron has claimed that he has been misinterpreted after the press ran a front page story claiming the Prime Minister would fire any Government how campaigned to take us out of the EU during the Referendum .

Well, well, we already knew what Cameron’s response was on this subject but now we know how far he’ll go to keep us with in the European Union.

I think this is has to be the worst comment to come out before a campaign starts. If this does anything it will add more people towards the out campaign and I hope this does push people more towards the out box.

I thought we were a democracy and I thought we had our own voice to voice our own opinions. We don’t need to be told what to vote and when I say we I do mean the Ministers and MPs who represent us.

He may say he was misinterpreted but if every paper has been running the story then there must have been something in it and yes I can imagine that Cameron has issued that threat because we all know he wants to stay in the European Union.

Even though staying the European Union is detrimental to the United Kingdom.

David Cameron has said he was misinterpreted regarding comments about sacking Ministers if they campaigned to get us out of the European Union. Well I think he’s just signed the paper that will get us that vile Bureaucratic group infesting Brussels.


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