MPs Support Referendum Plan

British MPs support the plan on a Referendum on EU Membership. British MPS have today overwhelmingly supported a plan to hold a Referendum on Britain future with in the European Union.

Firstly I love how the BBC have described it as Overwhelmingly. It’s a rather Political way of saying the people who voted No for this referendum got there asses handed to them.

544 MPs have decided that it is in the best interests of the United Kingdom to have a referendum on EU membership and let the people decided for themselves.

The Lib Dems talked about the Patriotic thing when it came to Europe well I think the MPs who voted for this referendum are being patriotic.

Who was the party to oppose this Referendum plan. Well it was the SNP. I know they are a pro-European Party and they wanted an Independent Scotland to join the European Union but I think this opposition is a tad bit stupid if I’m being honest.

I can actually imagine that they voted against the Referendum to put put the Cat among the pigeons so to speak. I would be surprised if they did it to exert some power and yet they sadly failed.

Now we get the campaigning and a lot of going back and forth and we have to hear the arguments and the lies. The thing is that everybody has their opinions and believes in the subject.

Which way do you decide?

Well we already know that the so-called main Westminster Parties all ready want us to stay in so it’s up to famous people to sway our vote because let’s face it all we’re going to hear from Westminster is how wonderful the European Union is.

MPs have overwhelmingly voted in favour of the European Referendum plan. It’s now time to start taking the right steps to leave the European Union.


One thought on “MPs Support Referendum Plan

  1. Reblogged this on hampshire Hog and commented:
    You do realise that in saying that they oppose the referendum the SNP were saying, in effect, that they want to save the union, don’t you? Suppose the far-right have their way…the inevitable result will be the break-up of the United Kingdom.

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