Missing Child Reunited With Father

A missing child has been reunited with his father. A three year old boy who has been missing with his mother for more than 2 week has been safely reunited with his father.

For the second day in a row, a background story has been launched in to a top story. Must be a quiet news weekend.

This for me has really been a Black and White story. The father had custody and the mother should have not taken the child.

I know that she loved the child and didn’t want to leave him or for somebody else to have custody of him but if the judge says he should be with his father than he should be with his father.

Running off with your child and going missing for two weeks only looks bad for the Mother. There’s no doubt about that.

The last year or so has made me wonder about child protection in Britain. First there was the child who was smuggled to Spain and then there was the Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal. There really need to buck up their ideas because it seems like it’s happening way too often.

A child has been reunited with his Father after he was kidnapped by his Mother. I know this sound cruel but the Mother was in the wrong and we need to tighten up Child Protection Laws.


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