Police Arrest Suspected Church Shooter

A 21 year old has been arrested for a church shooting. A man who is suspected of killing 9 people in a church is Charleston has been arrested.

I know this sounds really judgement but my goodness Race Relations must be at an all time low in America. If it isn’t cops killing young black men it’s white supremacists shooting up a church.

And there is the shocking thing. It’s in a church…

I know in the past I have been harsh on religions but there has to be a limit somewhere. That place is shooting up a church, no matter how Atheist you are there has to be a place where you stop and that is has to be a place of worship.

If you feel you have to shoot up a place, it can be any where but a church.

Clearly this is a race thing and this young man must have hated black people for him to shoot nine black people in a church. No matter how you feel about a race you need to look at yourself.

I do hope that they lock away this kid for a very, very long time. He really is a sick individual, if I wasn’t so against the death penalty then I would all be for killing people.

American Police have arrested the suspect in Church shooting. Well I hope he really gets what is coming to him because he’s a sick twisted person who shouldn’t be allowed in to society.


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