Calais Migrants Seek To Exploit Port Strike

Migrants tried to use a port strike to gain entry to Britain. Hundreds of Migrants boarded lorries to try and gain access to Britain after a Port Strike forced a suspension of services through the Channel Tunnel.

So people have tried to take advantage of a Port Strike. It seems that they failed as well.

A company in France went on strike to protest job losses with in France. I’m sorry for the French people who may or may not loose there jobs but I’m not really bothered about it.

It’s a cold harsh truth but they are in France and it doesn’t effect me.

So with people trying to get through the Tunnel Migrant in Calais who tried to get in to Britain used Lorries.

Jumping in Lorries seems a bit cliched now. I wonder how many people have tried it in how ever many years and let’s face it the Border Control Officers in Britain know it’s happening. You must think that somebody has come up with a new way of doing it by now.

Then why Britain?

I don’t get why so many people choose this country. We’ve got a lot of nasty things going on in this country and people in Britain are getting very anti-immigration be it Illegal or Legal when if you’re a Refugee.

To be honest I would have stayed in Italy or France or Germany.

Hundreds of Migrants took advantage of a port strike to get in to Britain. To be honest if I was them I would have stayed in Europe.


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