Cameron Calls Calais Scenes Unacceptable

The Scenes in Calais yesterday were ‘unacceptable’. David Cameron said the scenes that took place in Calais yesterday where hundreds of people tried to board lorries heading for Britain was ‘totally unacceptable.’

Well this is the first thing he has said about Europe that is totally right. What we saw in Calais was unacceptable however it has happened.

I really want to see the Government lay the blame on France’s Government’s doorstep. Remember this was a strike that took place in France at a French port and has probably let in a good number of Illegal Immigrants in to our country.

This is not the fault of the Truckers and Lorry drivers this is the fault of the French.

Now you have to wonder how many people managed to get in to the back of Lorries and how many people managed to get to Britain. I get the feeling that it is alot more than usual.

What is the British Government going to do to stop this again?

I don’t think there is anything they can do to be honest. If there is another port strike then it’s going to happen again. You’ve also got to remember that these people are determined to get out of Calais and in to Britain.

They wouldn’t be doing otherwise.

David Cameron has called the scenes from yesterday ‘Totally Unacceptable’. Well I’ve got to agree with him but no matter what he says it’s not going to change the fact it will most likely happen again.


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