Rail Network Upgrade Delayed

Upgrades for the Rail Network will be delayed. The British Government has said that they will either delay or Cut Back the amounts of modernization projects on the British Rail Network.

Well somehow I’m not that surprised really. Granted no matter what the Government would have done, there would have been somebody who would not have been happy about it. You shelve projects and you’re not upgrading the rail network or you carry on and you’ll have spent too much.

This really is a catch 22 for the Government.

I’m not surprised however I’m not happy about it either.

I understand that the Government needs to keep on pressing with HS2. It’s been the important thing the Government has campaigned for, for the last 5 years and if they back down on that they’ll get slaughtered.

I understand that and I am happy with them going forward with HS2 my problem is that it seems they’ve scrapped Northern Project on the Rail Network.

The main southern project is still going ahead. Cardiff and London will get a better connection but Manchester and Leeds won’t get a decent connection.

oh no!!

And then people are asking did the Government know this before the Election last month.

I’m not going to say they did or they didn’t but they must have had some knowledge that they were going to overspend before the Election so they did probably promise things they couldn’t keep.

However that’s Politicians for you.

The Government have said they are going to shelve or delay many of the improvement to the Rail Network. No big surprise my only problem is that it’s the north that is feeling the brunt of it.


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