Greece Tries To Find A New Deal

The Greek Government are trying to find a last minuet deal in their debt crisis. The Greek Government have asked for a last minuet bailout deal from the Eurozone and the IMF hours before they have to pay their current bailout deal.

So we’ve only got a few hours to go and then Greece either pays up or has to default and goes bust. So what have they done they go and ask for more money

You know which one I want Greece to take because i believe it will do a world of good in the end but nobody wants to see the short term effect of having to see a country with no money or the likes.

Granted I don’t think that the IMF and Greece will actually come up with a deal that suits Greece and their creditors.

The Eurozone and the IMF want the Greek Government wants to cut welfare with in the country. Well I think where a country’s average wage is about £400 and Prostitution is rife, I think cutting the welfare bill in the country is a bit harsh.

Granted I don’t think the people in Brussels would actually care if a few people has no money as long as Greece keeps in the European Happy Family under Germany’s control.

Greece are trying to get a new Bailout deal as the current line up slowly descends upon them. What ever happens it is going to be a ride for the Greek people in the near time.


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