Greece Prime Minister Stands Defiant

The Greek Prime Minister is remaining defiant with in the Debt Crisis. The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made a defiant speech as Greek Bank Customers started to feel the bite of limited withdrawals from their accounts.

So let’s begin with the big story of the last 24 hours. Greece and the European Union could not agree a deal and Greece has defaulted on their debt.

So not really a good day for the Greek people.

So Tsipras has given a speech where he has asked the Greek People to vote down what ever is offered to them as a bail out offer. This could be the speech that seals both Greece’s future and also Tsipras’s future.

If Greece votes no it will more than likely than they will be booted out of the European Union. Which is something I think the Greek Prime Minister actually wants.

The Western Media can make a song and dance about how the Greek’s Ruling Party want to stay in the Euro but over the last few days I have come to the conclusion that they are Anti-European.

IF Greece votes no and the EU get pissed of I can see that Germany will boot him out of office against the will of the Greek People. Let’s face it they did with Italy and they’ll do it with Greece.

Greece stood defiant in a speech about the Greek Debt crisis. Well I think this has become the speech that seals his fate and get him forced out of office by the Germans.


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