25 Men Killed In Palmyra By Islamic State

A video has appeared of Islamic State Soldier murdering 25 men. A new video has appeared of supposed Islamic State Militants as young as 13 years old shooting 25 men to death in the Ancient City of Palmyra in Syria.

There comes a point when you can no longer get overly emotional about a story like this. We’re hearing about Islamic State week in and week out that it’s just become the norm for the news.

We know what they are doing and we’ve seen it for over a year now this has really become noise in the ever dining insanity that is Islamic State.

Granted you have to somehow appreciate the idea and irony of using an open door theater to kill somebody and then film it. I’m not impressed with it but it really does say something about the Theater of Terrorism in the modern age.

Granted there seems to be one shocking part to this story.

They’re using 13 year olds to carry out these terrible attacks. In the civilized theater of war this would not horrific but again it’s Islamic State and we know that young people have joined Islamic State.

It’s barbaric but to be honest I’m not really that shocked that it’s happened.

Islamic State have released a new video where they murder 25 men and the killers seem to be teenagers. This kind of story has happened so much that it’s become less and less shocking as time goes on.


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